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I bet that it’s just random sequences of operations, as there are several partial derivatives without the del operator and also many complex integrals without the respective operators.

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This awesome and long mathematical formulation is the Standard Model. The Standard Model is currently the best description there is of the subatomic world, however it does not explain the complete picture. The theory incorporates only three out of the four fundamental forces, omitting gravity. For more information visit:
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~   The Bluest Eye, Toni Morrison (via aprettyvisitor)
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Fernando Pessoa from The Book of Disquiet
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Growth - Whip

the above a-side bests anything on her debut 7”. New on cassette from Ljudkassett! in Sweden, who put out the excellent Daunbeats tape last year as well

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Bains rituels, 2009. Photographed by

They are named Erzulie, Cousin Zaka, Ogoun Feray. They are the lwas in Creole language, the voodoo pantheon of spirits. They are bridges between humans and the Bondye, the Supreme Being viewed as inaccessible by Voodoo believers. Every July, thousands of Haitians take good luck baths in Saut d’Eau. There, catholics give thanks to the Virgin Mary. Voodoo believers bath in a fall to worship Erzulie, the voodoo spirit of love and motherly protector. Some enter into a trance. Candles are placed between the roots of huge trees honored as resting places of the lwas. In Plaine du Nord, Northern Haiti, catholic pilgrims celebrate Saint-Jacques-The Saviour and Voodoo believers Papa Ogoun Feray, the lwa of war. Founding spirit of the revolt of the slaves, Papa Ogoun Feray is praised for its power to fight poverty. His followers take mud baths in the Pool Saint-Jacques and kill in sacrifice red roosters and black bulls. With the faith renewed, they end their pilgrimage to the seaside city of Lemonade and purify their soul and body in the Atlantic waters.
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~   Toni Morrison, The Bluest Eye. (via nofuturepartii)
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Bush Mama (1979)

TC: Are you with me children? The Lord is in the closet! 1900, one hundred and five Negroes was lynched in the Republic of America and the cries still didn’t penetrate God’s closet where he is kept! Now are you with me? From the year 1900 to 1920, eighty-five—I don’t know the figure! Seventeen, eleven, sixty-eight, forty-six, I’m talking about three hundred and sixty-eight  Negroes was lynched and the cry still didn’t penetrate God’s closet! Now are you with me children? And from there to 1954, two thousand Negroes was lynched and the cry still didn’t penetrate God’s closet!

The rope—the rope was replaced by the electric chair, the electric chair by the gas chamber, and the gas chamber by the firing squads of the boulevards of America!

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Luck bath at Bassin-Saint-Jacques, Taken from “Voodoo: Truth and Fantasy” (1995) by Laënnec Hurbon.
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When Frustration Threatens Desire (1990) Kerry James Marshall
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dear halie, bring rest. bring something sharp & wondrous for this neglected faith. bring a child. bring gold, twilight, a quilt to cover the coffin. bring sanity. bring a war cry that fits my mouth. bring everything lost that belongs to me. bring tomorrow. bring a moment good enough to keep.

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